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Tailored Coursework and Training

Sojourner services include group training, both virtual and in-person, and courses at our virtual school Sojourner Academy. You can select from our training programs or we can tailor a program just for you. We are currently transforming our in-person courses into self-paced online curriculum. Submit an early interest form to find out when new courses become available.


You can see  the training we have to offer on our offerings page or check out the courses coming soon below. If you see something you like submit an interest form and we will keep you in the loop! You can even request a rush on the courses you would like to enroll in.

Education: Services

Courses coming soon!

Allyship and Anti-Racism

- Defining Equity

- Anti-Racism in Action

- Facing Unconscious Bias

- Advocacy and Activism

- Systems of Oppression

- Historical Movements

- White Supremacy and Authoritarian Rule

- Active Ally-Ship

- Equity Framing

Racial Healing and Reflection

- Race and Mindfulness

- A History of Bias

- Disarming Privilege

- Histories of Healing

- Tracing Back Race

- Abolitionism

- Collective Healing

- Defining Identity

The Equitable Educator

- Identity and Bias

- Cultural Competency

- Pedagogies of the Oppressed

- Culturally Relevant Curriculum

- Culturally Responsive Teaching

- Culturally Responsive and

  Sustaining Lesson Planning

- Restorative Justice

- Anti-Racist Social and

  Emotional Learning

- Trauma-Informed Approaches

- Race Talk in the Classroom

Workplace  Equity

- White Supremacy Culture

- Using Data to Promote Equity

- Hiring and Recruitment

- Staffing Structure

- Workplace Culture

- Bias and Anti-Racism

- Staff Empowerment

- Decision Making

- Community and Stakeholders

- Leadership & Coaching

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Keep an eye out for courses on the way!

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