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What part will you play?

At Sojourner we believe that equity is within reach. Whether you want to build equity practices into your professional practice or into your life, we're here to help with consulting, training, coursework and one-on-one coaching.

Reviews from our program participants:

"It wasn't just a trainer talking and the group listening. I liked that she made the trainings a lot more discussion based than just talking at us. She has a knack for making the trainees feel involved and almost like we are all learning together."

"She was very confident when she spoke and gave many examples from her experiences. So knowledgable, very direct."


Restorative Justice Training Series


Cultural Competency and Anti-Racism Workshop

"Her slides and activities were engaging and her trainings felt like they were dense with information. She asked engaging questions that required me to think more."


Culturally Responsive Instruction Coaching

"The trainings were the most practical/applicable trainings I've received. They had me think about my own experiences and how they may have impacted me. The trainings taught me to be more mindful about everything."


Anti-Racist Classroom Management Training

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Make changes that make a difference.

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Tailored Coursework and Group Training


Coaching for Individuals and Organizations

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